7 Things To Know About EVIAN Facial Spray

June 16, 2017

    Hey Babes,

    How is your summer going so far? I am sooo happy the good weather is here!!! I honestly enjoy every sunny day as much as I can here in LA. Sometimes it’s so hot and dry, that I had to find a way to refresh and keep my skin moisturized…and I found Evian Facial Spray!

evian facial spray

  Here is what I love about Evian Facial Spray:

  1. Hydrates, moisturizes and tones the skin.

2. It is beneficial for EVERY skin type at ANY age.

3. It’s balanced mineral content and fine micro-droplet mist, allows skin to better absorb its hydration.

4. It is used as makeup setting spray by professionals.

5. Evian Spray is natural and pure skincare straight from the French Alps

6. It is tested 300 times per day to make sure that every bottle keeps it’s purity and the neutral 7.2 pH.

7. It is available in three convenient sizes: 1.7 oz. (travel size), 5 oz. and 10 oz.

With all these benefits, it’s simple and easy to stay hydrated and refreshed during the hot summer that just started.

 So go get your EVIAN Facial Spray as soon as possible…you will thank me later ;).

Hugs to all my boss babes,


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