How To Wear Rompers

August 10, 2017

How To Wear Rompers  

Summer is the perfect time of year to wear rompers. I’ve got a lot of compliments on mine and I wanted to share them with you.

  My first choice is this elegant, coral romper. It has the perfect length and the black details make my waist look thinner. It shows a little cleavage, just enough to keep the elegance. I paired it with black gladiator-style sandals and I didn’t wear any accessories since the black details by the waist are black elegant beads. I would wear this romper for a dinner with friends or go meet with my girlfriends for drinks on an elegant rooftop. I would definitely NOT wear this romper going grocery shopping or in the morning.

   The second choice is this gorgeous yellow romper. It is very elegant as well, and I like the strong yellow colour. The bottom part is sewn a little wider, which makes it look more like a dress. The veil fabric and the lightness of how it flows, definitely make this a very elegant outfit. The waist is defined by a yellow-golden, braided belt and the arms are covered in a light veil. I paired it up with high heel sandals and a purple cross-body bag which compliments the entire outfit. I would wear this romper more towards the evening since it has long sleeves.

I am a big fan of rompers. They tend to make my legs look super long when I wear them with high heels. Do you like wearing rompers? What type is your favourite one? 

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