How To Start A Youtube Channel – Behind The Scenes

February 7, 2017

How to start a Youtube channel? Honestly, starting a Youtube Channel is easier said then done, but don’t freak out yet, you can make it if you take into consideration a few key strategies that I found.  After weeks and weeks of research, reading and watching hundreds of Youtube videos, I have come toa conclusion: it’s not easy to be a vlogger but once you crossed that occurred stage, you are good to go. Actually you can even make money with it, if you decide not to give up for a very long time before you can see success.

In my research I concluded four key elements that can help you make it in the crowded Youtube world:

youtube channel behind the scenes
Filming a video for my youtube channel LA Style TV

1.  Passion

If you have passion for what you do and for what you talk about in your videos, you will not give up so easy before you see success.

2. Quality Content

Decide what you want to talk about, and make sure to deliver your message clear to your audience, even if the people watching your videos are only a few at the beginning. By bringing quality information, you will find your views going up faster.

3. Quality Video and Sound

You don’t have to invest in a professional camera, start with your phone. The phones today have a great video resolution. What you can invest in, is a small microphone or a lavalier microphone that you can attach to your phone or recording device. Sound is crucial in making your voice heard. After all,  that is way you want to start the Youtube channel.

4. Consistency 

As in many areas of our life, consistency is key and posting one video per month wont help much. Try to post frequently as much as 1-2 times per week. Pick at least 1-2 days when you decide to post your video and stay consistent to that schedule.

Even if you find yourself in an occurred situation and do not feel comfortable with posting on Youtube a video you made, remember, you can record as many times as you want until you feel a little bit more confident. Practice! It will not be perfect from the beginning, but in time, you will get better and better.

In the whole process, have fun and don’t forget to laugh. You can watch this short video of me, trying to get my Youtube skills on. I’m still working on it but I captured the fun that comes with it. Enjoy!

You can also watch more videos on my Youtube channel here: Youtube Videos 



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